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Online video poker games offer all the excitment found at land based casino venues without any loss in entertainment value. As there is no drive to the nearest casino or cost from the price of airfare to fly to Las Vegas, it is financially more rewarding to play video poker from your home computer than to go to a brick and mortat casino. You can play the largest selection of video poker games online in the comfort of your own home. The online versions offer the same if not better pay tables and the graphics are absolutely spectacular. Below we discuss some of the latest video poker versions available.

Double Bonus Video Poker is a recent novelty in video poker. If you are looking to make large chunks of money while getting plemty of action, this exciting new game offers you an extra five 'Four of a Kind' winning combinations with a generous payment table. If you love action and quick swings, then this online video poker game is for you to enjoy. The game offers high payouts for four combinations of a quad and a royal flush with the maximum payout of 4000 coins. Bet on a maximum 100 hands and it can pay you a massive 100k coins. The game is played with fifty or one hundred separate 52 card decks.

Video Poker was first presented to gamblers worlwide about forty years ago during a time when Las Vegas was facing financial disarray following the oil embargo. This is reminiscent of the situation in 2009 with the global recession. Casino owners had to propose new games in order to attract new players and more players. This is how video poker came to life. As the new game rose in popularity, players flocked to the Sin City's casinos from all over the country to give them a shot. All casinos were fast in understanding that this game would be a big hit and they filled the rooms with lots of machines and it was not long before Las Vegas was back on the road to a great recovery.

One reason why online video poker is a played by millions of gamblers is that it combines both luck and skill elements. The house edge is rather small (a few percent) compared to other casino games such as craps and the machines are thanks to inspection and audits. Each hand starts the same way. In fact there are even video poker machines online where it is possible to make a profit playing them over a long time if you play the game perfectly. Use strategy and you can make money at online video poker.

Most video poker machines are based on five card draw poker. Players receive five cards and can throw some cards out (draw) in order to attempt to get a better hand. New cards are dealt to replace those tossssed. The final five cards after the draw determine based on your hand strength whether you get paid and how much. 'Jacks or better' is the version of online video poker the most played, a reference of some sort. You can win at it if your final five card hand contains at least one pair of jacks or a higher card. This is why it is called jacks or better. That version is the first one introduced but meanwhile hundreds of variations have been brought to the market, such as Poker Frenzy, Single and Double Bonus Poker and many more.

Your goal when you play online video poker is not to beat another player as you play directly and only against the 'house'. So you simply need to make a hand that has some payout as described in the payout table of that particulaer game. Video poker machines have the same size as a standard slot machines. There are similar in spirit except that the game played is different. Some new models offer totally different games slike keno or video blackjack, a new game rising in popularity.

Video poker machines are played at various stakes. Put your coins in the slot or sometimes they even let you use cash or special cards from the casino in the cut in cash. Never play with less than the maximum amount of coins as this is the way to get eligible to the largest jackpots. Decide which cards to keep by pressing the appropriate buttons or cards directly on the touch screen for the most modern machines.

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